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Posted by Steven Tinoco @606_fit on Aug 16th 2018

As we all know, not all gyms are the same by any means. Some are strictly class based, some you need personal trainers, others are open 24/7 with great equipment or some old run down equipment. The lists can go on and on, but I'm here to help you find what fits you best for what you're looking for in a gym membership.

There are gyms all around the world to help people go in the right direction to a healthy lifestyle. But the question is, what type of gym are you looking for? Does a crowd bother you? Do you like metal plates banging around? Are you more social when working out? What type of people do you like being around when working out? And most importantly, are you comfortable with the gym you're about to join? There are so many question you can ask yourself, but I'm here to help you with the questions that I think are most important.

First off, what type of people do you like to be around when working out?

To me, this is the most important question when finding a gym. Gyms can be very intimidating at times solely with the fact of the people that are working out there. Are you okay with people walking around in tank tops and sports bras, or are you more comfortable when people are more covered up? Do you want to be around an older or younger crowd? I personally like being around an older crowd and how some dress does not bother me at all. Headphones blaring, with a hood over my hat and get in and get out with no talking is the way for me.

Next, what are you willing to pay?

Generally speaking, the cheaper the gym, the more crowded it will be. The more you're willing to pay, the less crowded it will be. It’s pretty simple when price comes into play, due for the amenities reason. If you're looking for a cheap gym more than likely its machines and weights only. Get in, get out. The next step up, there may be a cafe or store of some sort with courts and maybe even a pool that may interest you. There is also the opportunity of other gyms you're a part of around the country. Lastly, more than likely the country club membership. Usually these are typically the most expensive due to exclusivity. They have everything you need and more at the facility. Weights, classes, spas, cafes, courts and pools are just the beginning of what some may have! It’s up to you and only you what you're willing to pay monthly.

Last, but certainly not least, what type of equipment is at the gym?
I usually base my decision on this question alone. To me, the perfect gym has every piece of equipment and more to help me get through any type of workout I could possibly think of. If you want power training, possibly joining a CrossFit gym is right for you or if you like machines and free weights, possibly a Lifetime Fitness is right up your alley. I love having both options for lifting; from free weights, to bands and machines or possibly having olympic racks for more explosive training. You're the only person who knows what you're truly looking for.
These are only a few questions to think of when looking for a place to begin your journey to a healthy and fit lifestyle. Never jump into a gym not knowing what it is like to actually workout there. Enjoy the process of looking for your right fit and where you see yourself going without hesitation when needing to get a workout in! I hope this helped you for an future endeavors.
Until next time