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Tips for Eating Healthy While Working from Home

Tips for Eating Healthy While Working from Home

Posted by Rivalus on Apr 10th 2020

During these uncertain times, more and more people find themselves working from home. If you are normally a very busy person, that keeps to a good, healthy schedule, this may throw a wrench in your daily eating habits. Maybe you used to plan out clean, healthy lunches for yourself, but now you find yourself eating chips on the couch every day. Here are some tips to help you continue to be your best self from the confines of your own home!

Tip #1

Plan your snack and meal times. If you normally eat a nice light snack in the morning before work and then pack yourself a lunch to take with you, plan to do the same from home. Just as you would normally plan out your work day, try to keep your routine as similar as possible. If you wouldn’t normally snack multiple times a day in your office, store, gym, etc., don’t do it at home. Try making as few changes as possible, and you’ll find yourself feeling more accomplished, even though you haven’t set foot outside!

Tip #2

Don’t work in (or near) your kitchen. If you can see the snacks from your “work-from-home-setup”, and you find yourself feeling tempted to graze, move your set up! Hand in hand with Tip #1, decide on a time of day where you will enter your kitchen. If you plan out your snack and meal times, and only enter your kitchen during those allotted times, it will eliminate the possibility of over snacking. If you are having a hard time staying away from the kitchen, try hanging a little reminder sign that says the kitchen is closed until your next scheduled meal time!

Tip #3

Remember to actually eat during your scheduled times. At work, it’s pretty easy to remember to take your lunch break. Most of us usually count down the minutes until lunch time! When working from the comfort of your own home, however, it can be easy to get lost in time. Whether you’re working hard on a new project, or just chugging along through your daily work, it is important to stop and actually take your normal breaks. Waiting too long to eat may throw off the rest of your daily schedule, causing you to want to snack more later in the day.

Tip #4

Eat REAL food. Don’t just have chips for lunch because you’re having a lazy day working from home. Do whatever you need to do in order to eat a balanced, nutritional meal. If you normally meal-prep your lunches the night before, do so still! If you keep your meals stocked with proteins, fibers, and healthy fats and sugars, you’ll feel less hungry and have more energy to finish up your day, and maybe squeeze in a nice home workout!

Tip #5

When it’s time to eat, only eat! Since there is not much else to do, and no coworkers to eat with, you may feel tempted to continue working while eating your meals. Don’t do that! Being distracted during your meal may cause you to under-eat, making you feel the need to have more snacks later. Distractions can also cause over-eating, since you may not actually be paying attention to what you are putting in your mouth. Take your break, sit down to your meal, and enjoy yourself. This will allow you to fully prepare for the rest of your day!

Tip #6

Don’t forget to drink water! Staying well hydrated not only helps you feel alert, hydrated, and properly functioning, it also helps you to feel fuller. Do you normally bring a water bottle with you to work? If so, make sure to keep filling your water even at home. If not, start now! Being at home is the perfect time to start monitoring your water intake. Health experts suggest drinking eight 8oz glasses of water a day to maintain proper hydration. That’s equivalent to about 2 liters, or a half-gallon of water a day!

Remember: Stay home. Stay safe. Stay healthy. Stay hydrated! If these tips work for you, try checking out some of our other tips sent in by Rivalus athletes on our Insight & Inspiration page! As a thank you for checking out our tips, use code STAYHOME for $5 off your next $25+ Rivalus order!

-Team Rivalus