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Posted by Katie Amidon @katamidon on Aug 20th 2018

Our bodies are made of mostly water, so it is essential that we consume a decent amount a day. Many people know we need it to live, that it helps flush toxins out of our body, helps prevent dehydration, helps digestion and lose fat, but many don’t know what other benefits water actually has/does. People may not know that it helps with:

  1. Blood oxygen circulation
  2. Helps fight off illnesses
  3. Helps with nutrient absorption
  4. Regulates your body temperature
  5. Protects tissues, your spinal cord, and joints (water lubricates)
  6. Good for your skin and eyes
  7. Helps improve mood, energy, and cognitive function as well

There is something in our bodies called the Blood Brain Barrier. The BBB is a type of filtration system that runs up the back of our heads and protects against circulating toxins that could get into the brain. If you don’t have enough water, the blood is then too thick and you won’t get much blood flow to the brain, and that is why you sometimes feel like you are “zoning out.”

It is important to keep in mind the effects that other drinks such as coffee, juices, sodas, etc., have on your water intake. If you drink 8 cups of water and then have coffee, you did not consume 8 cups of water; the caffeine takes away part of the water intake. With fruit juices, many people believe are healthy, but they are actually loaded with sugars, so it is better just to eat the fruit. The whole “well soda, juices, alcohol, etc. has water in it, so technically I drank water!” isn’t the case at all.

Personally, I have noticed that when I drink water, I feel a lot better and more energized than having anything else! Too much pre-workout or coffee makes me feel dehydrated, out of it, and I will usually chug water after to feel better and to think more clearly. If I drink more than 8 cups of water, I am usually okay with caffeine. If I consume sodas and fruit juices (I usually never consume these but in the rare times I do), I feel lethargic and weighed down. A fun tip I learned to keep your metabolism fast is to drink an 8oz cup of water within the first hour you wake up along with eating something with protein.

If everyone focused on increasing their water intake, I promise they would feel much better compared to consuming the sugary drinks that various people don’t think are “that bad.” Our bodies need a lot of water a day to keep you going, so fuel your body with what makes it happy!