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Set Goals & Dream Big

Set Goals & Dream Big

Posted by Kat Ruston @therustykat on Oct 31st 2017

Why is this so much harder than it seems?What does it mean to set a goal?Would you not agree that it simply means to put in place a plan to achieve a task?So why is this so hard for many?It’s not difficult to do, yet so many can’t do it.

Unfortunately, I think many are just not aware that they are poor goal setters.I was one of them.I have been and currently, struggle still at times to be better.I believe a good goal setter means that you choose to persistently work on yourself because how can you successfully set goals and achieve them without knowing who you are?It’s like going into a chess game without knowing your Queen can play a role of a bishop, pawn and rook.You must know how to use your tools affectively to achieve the objective; in this case your brain is the tool.

Take a day to observe yourself without judgement (There is no wrong or right way to do this!).This can be challenging in the beginning because it’s easy to get caught up in the ego.(Let’s identify the ego to be that voice in your head that is disguised as your true voice… You know the one).Once you have a better idea of how you respond to your daily stress, you’ll be able to make a more affective plan.Adjusting small things like not looking at your phone to check emails or social media until after you had your coffee could make a difference to allowing yourself that little bit of you time you have been desperately been dreaming about (some is better than none).I have been caught many times grabbing my phone to turn off the alarm and then deciding to go through my inbox to reply to business emails, flip through social media to check up my friend’s night in Tokyo, and even send business texts while getting changed and attending to my bathroom needs.That’s all done within the same 15 minutes of waking up. That’s insane!It makes sense how anyone would feel drained before they had a chance to start their day.

The idea is to constantly choose to monitor your responses to the point that it is automatic.The more information you have about yourself the more you can work with.Do you have angst when someone asks you a question you don’t know?Do you feel you need someone to help you be accountable?Can you set boundaries for yourself and follow through with them?When do you have the most energy?When do you have the lowest?How do you feel when you eat a lot/not enough?When you can understand why you feel good about certain things you can manipulate that to achieving your goals.For example, if you have a goal to have a cleaner home but have no energy after work, you could try making your bed as soon as you wake up or choose to have a designated spot to put your work tools in.That way when you are exhausted from your day, you can see these little wins that you have accomplished for the greater goal!

Organize a simple goal that you can achieve without much thought and then challenge yourself another when you feel like you’re ready for the next step.