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Road to Junior Nationals

Road to Junior Nationals

Posted by Team RIVALUS on Jun 5th 2018

For some, bodybuilding and fitness is more of a hobby than a way of life. But when an athlete begins to approach the National stage, all of that changes, and the time commitment required to succeed increases dramatically. RIVALUS classic physique athlete Tyler Sibley is currently on the road to competing at Junior USA Nationals in Rosemont, Illinois, and has been keeping us updated as he moves closer to his goal.

”So I’m now only a few weeks out from my show. These last few weeks is when my body changes the most. It’s looking like I’m going to be bringing a much better package to the stage this year knowing that I am heavier and leaner than I was four and a half weeks out last year.”

And he isn’t joking around. Take a look at this photo he posted on Instagram on June 1st showing his incredible development!

“My coach was feeding me well, giving me 3 cheat meals a week (which is a lot, but I drop weight very fast) and I was staying full and getting leaner. But now that I am getting close to the show he’s decided to cut out all my cheat meals until he thinks I should have one. This past week has been the worst (energy wise). My energy is low, my pumps don’t last long because of low carbs and my muscular endurance/strength is going down. This is a good thing though because I need to be depleted so when I start to carb load, my muscles get nice and full. So although I don’t like the way I feel right now I still love it because I know it’s all part of the process. My protein is still very high I’m eating 8 ounces of meat for 6 meals a day which is 60-70g of protein per meal. The supplements I’m taking are RIVALUS Short Cutz fat burner, RIVALUS PostRX aminos, L Carnitine (3X times daily), CLA and Arginine. Four more weeks to bring my best!”

As Tyler gets closer and closer to stage time, this is where much of a bodybuilders battle becomes mind over matter.In times like this it becomes important to surround yourself with people who will lift you up and surround you with positivity.Be sure to go follow Tyler on Instagram @tylersibleyclassic and give him some encouraging words as he gets closer to show time!

Big things coming for this talented young man!