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​Quick Fit Tip from Rivalus: Building Muscle

​Quick Fit Tip from Rivalus: Building Muscle

Posted by Rivalus on Aug 21st 2020

Ask any athlete, and they will tell you that there are 3 main basics to building muscle: increasing your calorie/protein intake, focusing your movements, and recovering properly.

Increasing your Calorie/Protein Intake

Protein is the building block for muscle. By increasing the amount of protein and calories you intake, you are providing more fuel for your body to build and repair tissue.

Focusing Your Movements

Compound movements, such as weight training, help stimulate the muscle growth. Varying your amount of weight and repetition can provide different muscle benefits. Lower weight at higher reps (12-15 reps) helps build muscular endurance and stamina. Moderate weight at moderate reps (8-12 reps) is great for muscle growth. High weight at lower reps (3-5 reps) is great for gaining strength. Combining these sets together helps to build a well-rounded and focused workout.

Recovering Properly

Taking time to recover after a workout is just as important as doing the workout itself. Building muscle is actually the process of making small tears in the muscle that repair with stronger tissue. Muscle tissue often grows the most when you are outside of the gym and giving yourself time to relax. Increasing your protein intake helps to repair tissues in general, and is especially important after a workout. The easiest way to get that protein increase? A deliciously flavor protein shake from Rivalus right after your workout. (Try Rival Whey-