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Pro Tips with ProEdge: First Step Explosiveness

Pro Tips with ProEdge: First Step Explosiveness

Posted by ProEdge @proedgetraining on Oct 31st 2017

Often times when we talk about speed we're actually are referring to acceleration. Acceleration for most athletes is even more important than top end speed and an explosive first step is key to fast acceleration, something that just about every sport demands and all athletes are looking to improve.

Luckily for us who do not have a Connor McDavid or Cristiano Ronaldo first step, there are effective ways to get fast through hard work in the gym.

There’s a certain criteria in an exercise and its execution that we look for when aiming to improve our first step explosiveness.

Exercises that focus on:

1) Overcoming inertia from an “at rest” position

2) High force production

3) Relatively light loads

4) High velocity movements

Below are a few different exercises that are sure to improve your first step and acceleration that are also demonstrated in our video:

  1. Barbell Box Squat w/ Resistance Bands
  2. Speed Sled Push
  3. Resistance Sprints

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