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Prepare for Autumn

Prepare for Autumn

Posted by Michelle Kelly @coolchelle on Oct 5th 2017

It's September!!! Back to school season and fall routines have started off for everyone. Some may cringe at the thought of summer finalizing while others are excited to get back into their fall rituals. Personally, fall is my absolute favorite season!! I love the crisp air, autumn colors and most importantly being back into a set regime.

We all lead very busy lives with work, hobbies, friends, family and other obligations. I flourish in being extremely busy and driven to be the best I can be. The one thing that enables me to be so involved with my many projects is my agenda! I am a firm believer that one must stay organized with whatever method works for them. Every appointment, errand, coffee date, gym session etc makes their mark into my paper agenda. This way I am committed 100% to getting the things I need done in a timely fashion.

How often do we say "Someday when I get a chance, I am going to do that" or "We should have coffee sometime". My question is.....why not plan it and commit to it!!! Just do it...don't put off what can be accomplished today or in the near future.

My words of wisdom for this month is to get yourself an agenda or utilize your phone calendar to put your life in an organized structure. Book those things you may have been putting off and you will feel a huge sense of accomplishment. Lastly, try something new this year!! Put yourself out there to join a new fitness class, dance class, organized sport or something new in your community :) Meet new people and enjoy everything fall has to offer!