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Posted by Michelle Yacu on May 22nd 2018

I feel like not many competitors talk about life after the show is over, because they think people are only interested in their prep, but there is so much more to life than just competing. I decided to take this entire year off competing and focus on other aspects of my life, like my career! Sometimes I don’t realize how selfish I can become when prepping for a show and how I shift all my focus on that. The closer I get to show time, the less time I spend with friends, family and less energy and focus at work. The important thing to realize is even though that might happen the last few weeks before a show, it’s important to get that balance back! Spend time with family, enjoy a meal out with friends, and get your focus back at work. That “balanced life” mentality is extremely important in order to continue being successful through your years of competing. At times I really do miss prep life, but the stage will always be there and I’m enjoying this healthy balance more than I thought I would! After being very successful with all 3 of my Preps, I’m shifting that focus and energy on my career right now until I’m ready to get back on stage!

Michelle Yacu

Social: @mimyacu