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Posted by LISA FREEMAN on Jun 18th 2018

Hey RIVALUS family, Lisa Freeman here! The supplement industry can be extremely overwhelming. There are so many different brands that carry a vast array of many products. It can be difficult to decide what brands or products to use and trust. Unfortunately, supplements are not regulated by the FDA and often what companies put on the label does not necessarily mean the product will do that. RIVALUS is a company that sets standards to ensure that every one of their products is built to meet the needs of athletes in any sport. All Rivalus products are free of banned substances. I choose to only use the Rivalus brand for my supplementation because I know and trust every one of their products. Here is a stack of products that I use to optimize my body’s fat burning and to look and feel great for the summer:

  • Mpower – Thermogenic Energy Capsules

Mpower is thermogenic (fat burning) energy capsule. It utilizes ingredients that support thermogenesis, training intensity, and mental focus. The capsules can be taken in the morning to jump start the metabolism or for energy pre-workout. I take them 30 min before breakfast in the morning to get my metabolism firing. I only take them for a 2 week period followed by a 2 week break so that my body does not adapt to the ingredients.

  • Promasil – Elite multi-source protein blend

Promasil is a protein powder blend that is formulated from premium proteins including whey isolate, micellar casein, and egg albumen. The protein mixes and tastes great. My favorite flavors are chocolate and glazed donut. I like to mix a scoop of it in my plain oatmeal in the morning for a fast, easy, protein-packed breakfast or as a shake mixed with water or almond milk post-workout.

  • Powder Burn 2.0 – intense pre-workout energy drink powder

Powder Burn 2.0 is designed to give you that extra push of energy and intensity needed to get through an intense workout. Some of the active ingredients to give you an explosive workout are caffeine anhydrous, beta alanine, and citrulline malate. I do not take Powder Burn 2.0 everyday, but I take it before my workouts where I know I’ll need a little extra push like leg day. I really like the blue raspberry and watermelon flavors.

  • Post-Rx – Training Recovery Matrix

Post-Rx is essentially a post-workout drink. It is packed with free-form amino acids and a recovery complex to help your body maximize muscle replenishment and repair. I take a scoop after every workout and I find that my body recovers faster so that I am not as sore and can push just as hard at my next workout. I love the lemon-lime flavor.

This was a little glimpse into the stack of products I use during the summer when I want to look a little leaner and feel great in shorts, dresses, and swimsuits. I look forward to writing a blog in the future with products I use at different times during the year when I have specific goals like prepping for a bodybuilding competition or gaining more muscle. I trust and recommend the Rivalus brand and incorporate their products daily.