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Holiday Struggles

Holiday Struggles

Posted by Michelle Kelly @coolchelle on Dec 5th 2017

Happy December Rivalus Fans!! The holiday season is upon us all where it becomes a bit more challenging to stick to our fitness routine and regime. There are daily temptations of sweets, treats and parties that can quickly throw us off track.

I recently just competed in November 2017 which was followed by a fabulous LA trip. I have been struggling ever since to get back into a regime. It is astounding how an athlete can be so dedicated and focused when it is contest prep mode but then turn full circle post competition.

Ironically, I am making December my resolution month! One thing that has helped me is having the suppport of my husband. We are both making fitness a priority this month and not skipping workouts. We are eating healthy all week but allow ourselves a treat meal on the weekends.

My suggestion to everyone this month is to find a motivated friend, coworker or family member who will commit to starting their New Year's Resolution early. Healthy lifestyle should be a year long commitment that is easily incorporated into a daily lifestyle. No one is perfect and I am excited to get back into my fit lifestyle

Happy holidays everyone :)