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Getting Ready for a Special Occasion

Getting Ready for a Special Occasion

Posted by Steve Tinoco (@s.tinoco606) on Oct 19th 2018

What’s up Rivalus Family,

Steve Tinoco here with another blog post for you when it comes to real life situations. Whether its for a photoshoot, weekend in Vegas or even a Wedding, people always tend to worry about getting their body right. This idea came to me, solely for the fact that I personally was getting for a wedding! But that’s besides the point. I’m here to give you some quick tips to help increase changes you'd want to try and get your body to where you want it to be.

First, and I believe is the most obvious, is to clean up your eating habits. Step away from alcohol or simply cut the intake in half if you like your beer or two. Try and limit dairy due to the fact it tends to give you the “heavy feeling” and stay in your system much longer than any other food. From personal experience with clients Ive had, they have scene significant changes when they have increased protein intake, and decreased fat and carb intake. Take in 1.25x your bodyweight of protein and .5x your bodyweight of fat and carbs!

Another way to see some great changes in your body while training for your big day is changing up your workout regimen. Start doing supersets and decrease your resting time so you keep your heart rate up and increase your core temperature. You'll notice you sweat more and at the same time build your cardio and stamina. Changing your workout routine will always shock your body and make sure you don't hit a plateau. Make sure your workouts are always fun so you enjoy doing them, it will make you want to workout even after your bog day.

Lastly, increase your cardio. Personally I absolutely hate cardio and never do it, so naturally when I start doing it, the results tend to come faster then expected. But don't just simply walk on a flat treadmill or stay on a low level of elliptical or bike, challenge yourself and feel a burn. 20 min of cardio is more than enough time to see changes in the long run if you're doing it right. and if you want quicker results, also to fasted cardio in the morning before you eat on top of already doing it after your workouts.

With it all said and done, most importantly please make sure you're getting ready and losing weight the healthy and clean way. Not eating or decreasing your calorie count is not healthy. Stick to healthy foods and portions and you'll keep your body changes longer as time goes on!

Until next time Rivals Family,

Steve Tinoco