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Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone

Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone

Posted by Brittany Gervais @b_gervais on Nov 10th 2017

Our comfort zone is a precious place where we can fall into our day to day routines excelling at the things we like to do or the things we are good at. Recently I fell into a rut between training, taking care of my dogs, working, and repeat. I started feeling like a robot and really wanted to try something new. I had the opportunity to try something I had never even considered doing in the past, Brazilian jujitsu. I first went to classes with my sister who was my “social clutch”. My sister has always been the more outgoing and extroverted one and I have always been the quieter one. One day my sister was not able to make class with me but I still really wanted to go so I went to the class by myself. What I found was that by not having my phone in my hand or my sister at my side I was forced to make connections with people and ask questions I would have never otherwise done. I made friends and actually ended up having a lot of fun! What I learned about myself is that I set up barriers and limit myself from learning and growing as a person.

In four weeks I will step on an international stage to compete. My mom has been at all my shows and has always been there to support me. For this competition my mom is not able to come and this put fear into me. I was quite upset and unsure of travelling alone to a city I had never been in to compete with nobody at my side. I reflected about this and even contemplated not going to compete anymore. I remembered my fear about going to jujitsu alone and I remembered how I overcame that fear and how proud I was of myself afterwards. I transferred these feelings and made a goal to travel alone to a city I had never been to and compete on in international stage. I am now excited and feel like I can achieve my goal.

I hope this story inspires others to put themselves outside of their comfort zones because it is really incredible what we can overcome if we just give ourselves the chance.


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