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Competition Prep and Relationships

Competition Prep and Relationships

Posted by Andrius Bernotas (@teamandrius) on Jun 6th 2019

Hey there Rivalus family, if you’ve been through a prep with a significant other by your side, I think it’s safe to say how important it is to have someone that gets what you’re about to sacrifice for the next few months. Your support system can easily make this a smooth prep or a difficult one. Especially for the significant others that have never personally competed and maybe don’t know how much hard work and dedication goes into something like this.

I have personally experienced prepping for a bodybuilding competition with a significant other by my side and it only makes it easier when you are consistently communicating with your partner. If you are someone that is about to start a competition prep while in a relationship, I have some advice for both the athlete and your partner.

1. This first tip is for the athlete. Setting the standard and having the conversation of what you’re about to give up for the next few months is a huge one. Before the start of my last competition, I made sure to have that conversation with my girlfriend. Making her aware of the long workouts, two jobs, the grocery shopping, prepping meals, the sacrifices of going out with friends, going out to eat, or even the simplicity of mood changes because I was at a caloric deficit. Having that conversation before is something I advise you to do without a doubt.

2. This second tip is for your partner (non-competitor). Do your best to be as understanding and supportive as possible. This is a prep that not only challenges us athletes physically but mentally as well. Help with the little things as much as you can. It makes the world of a difference. Maybe help prep meals, pick up the groceries one week, or give words of encouragement. Something as simple as a compliment on our physique goes a long way and keeps us athletes going.

Communication and support are the biggest things when going through a competition prep while being in a relationship. It can be hard, and it is something you definitely go through together, but I genuinely believe that these two tips are what will make your prep and relationship run smoothly!